Terms & Conditions


The client must allow sufficient time when making a booking to allow for the check-in times required by their airline and for any reasonable delays that may be caused by traffic conditions. Longdean Chauffeur Service shall not be responsible for any delay caused by their failure to allow enough time to reach the destination or if the passengers are not ready for collection at the booked time.

The total number of passengers to be carried must be confirmed at the time of booking with a maximum of 7, as required by Tandridge District Council licence. All children travelling with Longdean Chauffeur Service must be restrained in a manner appropriate to their age, weight and height.

Any deviations from the pre-booked journey may result in additional charges. These will be charged depending on additional mileage and duration of additional travel based on our standard published rates.


Full payment must be made in cash, major credit or debit card on completion of the journey unless specifically agreed in advance. A mobile terminal receipt will be given for all card payments. A further written receipt/invoice will be sent to the address of the client for all payments the next day.

All account customers must pay their invoices within the agreed payment dates according to their terms and conditions.

Deposits may be required at the time of bookings.


All bookings will be confirmed by email or post with an estimate of costs.  A text/call pre-alert will also be made the day prior to the journey.  Any changes required after the text is sent must be advised as soon as possible to avoid potential charges.

For all airport collections, Longdean Chauffeur Service will monitor the estimated time of arrival of the flight and will be at the airport by landing time. The client is requested to phone the driver mobile when in the baggage hall to allow collection from the terminal kerbside. If a meet and great service is required the driver will meet the passenger with a name board.  This service will require the client to meet the cost of parking and any waiting time after 45 minutes from when the aircraft lands.

If the passenger has failed to catch the booked flight they must advise Longdean Chauffeur Service at least 2 hours before the estimated arrival time to avoid possible no show charges.  With less than 2 hours notice the client will be liable for the full payment of the fare plus any waiting time incurred.

Failure of the client to show for any booking will result in full payment of the fare together with any costs incurred in collecting said payment.

Longdean Chauffeur Service shall be entitled to cancel all services and provide refunds in the event of a declared national emergency, riot, war, fuel shortage, extreme weather, terrorist attack, or other circumstances beyond its control. If the car breaks down during your journey Longdean Chauffeur Service will endeavour to arrange an alternative car to complete the journey as soon as is practicable.


Cancellation of bookings without a rebooking will be charged as follows.

Within 24 hours of booking – 25% of the fare.

Within 12 hours of booking – 50% of the fare.

Within 3 hours of booking – 75% of the fare.


Longdean Chauffeur Service shall not be held responsible for missed flights or trains nor financial and professional losses due to adverse weather conditions, road closures or road traffic accidents. Longdean Chauffeur Service shall not also be held responsible for any of the above if the client has given Longdean Chauffeur Service incorrect information.

Longdean Chauffeur Service will refuse or terminate any booking with immediate effect if it places the driver or vehicle at risk of damage, violence or abuse by you or by any passenger in your party and will ask all passengers to vacate the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so. No refunds of deposits will be given if the journey is terminated partway through the hire and the client will remain liable for full payment.

Find out why our customers love us

We have been doing business with Chris and his team for years now.

He is never late and in fact, makes a point of turning up just that little bit early so that there is no stress in worrying about missing an important flight.

The cars are immaculately clean and carefully driven. The drivers know when to engage in chat and when to discreetly keep quiet as you try to work or get a little snooze.

Yes, you could probably get a cheaper service. You could also elect to park at the airport and drive yourself. But after an exhausting business trip, it is a question of safety as well as convenience to be met at the airport by someone you trust… and like!

Kevin Siggery